5G is the next generation of mobile broadband that will eventually replace, or at least augment, your 4G LTE connection. With 5G, you’ll see exponentially faster download and upload speeds. Latency, or the time it takes devices to communicate with each other wireless networks, will also drastically decrease.

Improved broadband

The shift to 5G will undoubtedly change the way we interact with technology on a day-to-day basis, but it also has a serious purpose. It’s an absolute necessity if we want to continue using mobile broadband.

Carriers are running out of LTE capacity in many major metropolitan areas. In some cities, users are already experiencing slowdowns during busy times of the day. 5G adds huge amounts of spectrum in bands that have not been used for commercial broadband traffic.

5G will revolutionize communications on a global scale and will help support the growth and proliferation of new services such as autonomous/self driving vehicles, IoT, mobile healthcare, location based services, and everything else in between.

Chances are – you’ll need 5G at some point in the near future. Lets discuss how this new technology can positively impact your business and maintain a competitive advantage with your communications infrastructure. Contact us here.

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