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Cloud contact centers are quickly becoming the gateway to a customer’s engagement with the companies they do business with. Unlike traditional call centers which typically only handle telephone calls, cloud contact centers manage both inbound and outbound customer communication. One of the great capabilities of modern contact service platforms is that they are omni-channel and handle customer service or employee support over multiple channels such as telephone, web, chat, email, SMS messaging, social media, text, and fax. Contact centers use various types of advanced technology to help resolve customer issues quickly, to track customer engagements and transaction information, as well as capture interaction and performance data.

At Boon Networks – we are connected with the top contact center solutions to help our clients focus on optimizing their business, scale their operations, increase productivity and accomplish those objective in a cost effective manner.

We specialize in delivering fully integrated end-to-end cloud based Contact Centers as a Services, or CCaaS, to serve both inbound and outbound traffic, provide deep analytics, maintain compliance and that easily integrate with your existing network and third party software solutions.

The Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center

Improved Customer Experience

Customer service can both be a competitive advantage and a major source of value differentiation for your business since your contact center is often the primary channel for your customers to interact with your company. Through a contact center, you can create the customer engagement experience and ensure that is supports excellence. Customers can take advantage of the self-service capabilities provided by your contact center in order to quickly perform common tasks. Contact centers can ensure customers are connected to the most suitable agent to resolve their problem faster. In addition, since the contact center supports multiple types of communication, customers can interact through the channel of their choice, such as phone, chat, messaging, or social media.

Greater Efficiency & Productivity

Since contact centers are a central point of customer communications, they can improve your business productivity when responding to numerous customer requests. Contact centers can provide your organization the ability to scale staff in response to customer inquiries, and automatically route requests to the most appropriate resource with real-time updates, allowing agents to respond quickly and efficiently.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

People like convenience and the ability to communicate with a company in a manner that is most comfortable and timely to them. Modern contact centers support many communication channels, including telephone, web, chat, email, and social media to address a customer’s questions and meet their needs. Regardless of the channel that is used, its very important to preserve that interaction as the customer moves between various choices of communication towards resolving their issue. When designed properly, contact centers can provide better customer engagement through a consistent and seamless omnichannel experience.

Virtual Contact Centers Provide Scale

Virtual contact centers enable employees to work from any location, such as smaller branch offices, retail stores, or from home. Since there is no need for additional equipment or office space, a virtual contact center can reduce capital expenses and scale easily. Allowing agents to work from locations of their choice, virtual contact centers can also help reduce employee turnover rates which is a common problem with contact center staffing.

Flexibility and agility

We help companies leverage cloud based contact centers that are flexible, scalable and reliable for enterprise, small businesses, governments and municipalities, as well as business process outsourcing firms. Our solutions easily integrate with any system that your business currently relies upon, such as customer relationship management (CRM), workforce optimization (WFO), or workforce management (WFM) systems. For example, you can use any one of our providers to connect with any of your back-end systems to personalize automated experiences, provide conversation history and real-time context to agents as customers switch between voice and chat channels.

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