Cost Saving Communications Solutions

Optimize and leverage the full power of your contact center’s capabilities with professional engineering services to customize and integrate it with your other enterprise applications.

We offer a full range of contact center engineering services, such as:

  • Architect, design, deploy and roll out testing and verification systems to ensure the highest performance of audio quality standards for an enterprise-level contact center and voice system.
  • Review and analyze your existing contact center or plan your new one to meet the latest compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Coordinate new system deployments working with internal and external partner contact center engineering services teams.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot any system wide issues that you may be experiencing and engineer any needed upgrades.
  • Develop and produce automation of workflows, skills based routing, alerts and screen-pops to get the most out of your call center.
  • Develop and deliver presentations to provide internal training and problem isolation procedures for your contact center systems. Oversee the creation of new processes and tools to support additional requirements on an ongoing basis.

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