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Boon Networks is a boutique consultancy focused on helping private equity firms and their portfolio companies accelerate value creation by improving organizational effectiveness and driving increased earnings.

We provide telecom and contact center expertise to deliver bespoke solutions and transformations for our clients. We also collaborate and support PE firms’s best interests to create operational improvements and stronger cash flows early on in the relationship which typically produce greater returns than firms that do not take that approach.

In a recent survey conducted by Bain Capital, 75% of respondents said that operational improvements will be their primary source of value creation over the next several years. The same number claims to have already become far more involved in the management and mentoring of their operating companies – focusing on such improvements as financial reporting and operational efficiency.

One of the easiest and best ways to add value to operational efficiency is through telecommunications optimization and cost savings. Telecommunications and contact center services are typically some of the largest line items for private equity firms and their portfolio companies.  Telecom bills come pouring in every month from multiple vendors loaded with confusing terms and acronyms and bloated with various fees and charges.  We help streamline and eliminate the noise and confusion.

The good news is that there are many ways private equity firms can save on telecom. Adapting a progressive forward looking strategy that embraces new technology not only saves money, it adds value to your portfolio and improves sustainability.

Boon caters to a broad range of industries from healthcare, to technology, media, software, business services, manufacturing, education, financial services and others, and predominantly works with clients based in the US while offering international coverage with access to over 200 carriers and service providers world wide.

We’ve perfected the process of working with Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies as a no-cost outsourced communications procurement team.

If you’re interested in accelerating value and efficiency within your portfolio – we’ve got your back!  

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