Sales Contact Center Management Software 2020

Cost Saving Communications Solutions

Sales Contact Center Management Software platforms are breaking out in 2020 due to the increasing need and recognition that excellent customer engagement drives sales, significantly improves client retention, and provides new opportunities for operating efficiencies and scale.

Managing all of your inbound and outbound sales call flow is important in so many ways that without it, can quickly create havoc for any company, big or small.

In 2020 and going forward – having an integrated sales contact center management software platform is going to become a requirement if you are to stay competitive and want to improve your customer engagement.

Some of the features and functionality that you’ll want to have with a contact center management platform include:

  • Integrated Inbound and Outbound capabilities
  • Call Recording
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities
  • Skills Base Call Routing & Group Segmentation
  • On-the-fly Configuration Changes & Updates
  • Open Source Architecture for Ease of Use and Integration
  • Private Cloud Based System for Improved Security & Performance
  • Contact Center Analytics
  • Contact Center Standard and Customized Reporting
  • Cost-effective Pricing

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